Topic outline

  • General

    The aim of e-CCO:

    1. To provide specialist education for all health care professional managing patients with IBD. More info
    2. To provide education in IBD for trainees in gastroenterology at the level of the EBGH Exam (European Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology) ( More info
    3. To engage healthcare professional managing patients with IBD in current debates relating to patient care. More info
    4. To provide a library of all Congress Abstracts, Presentations, and Digital Oral Presentations, as well as Articles published in JCC. More info
    5. To provide an interactive guide for patient management based around the consensus statements. More info
    6. To provide tools to assess progress and achieve competence through self-directed learning.


    e-CCO is designed to improve knowledge, enhance the educational experience and to equalise access to advanced learning opportunities in IBD for our members and throughout the world.


    e-CCO's mission is to improve the care of patients with IBD in all its aspects by providing a comprehensive package of education for all healthcare professionals interested in IBD.