Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Trainees must be competent in the diagnosis, differential diagnoses and therapeutic management of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. They must be competent in assessing the severity and extent of these diseases and be able to select appropriate imaging modalities. They should be able to undertake iterative protocols for the therapeutic management of these conditions with experience in the selection of and ongoing monitoring of the most appropriate treatment. Trainees should show proficiency in the rapid detection of fulminant colitis and in its decisive management. They must be competent in communicating with the patient about both of these illnesses which are chronic and not fully curable and are reliant on an intense doctor/patient relationship for successful management. They should show competence in consulting with surgeons early in the course of fulminant colitis and appropriately for patients with chronic unresponsive disease; and also consulting with nutritionists and specialist nurses as appropriate. The trainee must be familiar with the management of local and extraintestinal manifestations of these diseases.