ECCO IBD Blue Book

Over the course of the last few years both the UEG and also several national societies have developed a core syllabus / curriculum for trainees that outlines the minimum requirements for accreditation as a specialist in gastroenterology. This syllabus is complemented by a knowledge-based examination that (in some countries) is a requirement for the award of a certificate of completion of specialist training.

The ECCO IBD Blue Book course, which is available as open access learning on the ECCO e-Learning website, is designed to cover the basic aspects of the etiology, diagnosis and management of IBD to equip all trainees with the appropriate knowledge covered in the syllabus.

Target Audience:

All trainees in gastroenterology, new specialist nurses, other health care professional who require an introduction to IBD.


10-15 minute video and slide based lectures covering
1.    The differential Diagnosis of IBD   
2.    The Assessment of IBD according to ECCO guidelines
3.    The management of IBD
4.    Disease monitoring in IBD
5.    Surgery for IBD
6.    Extra intestinal manifestations of IBD

Learning Objectives

•    Introduction to diagnosis and classification of IBD
•    Understand the principals of disease management and the initial drug therapies
•    Appreciate the important of disease and therapeutic drug monitoring
•    Understand the role of emergency and elective surgery in the management of IBD
•    Appreciate the presentation and management of extra intestinal manifestations of IBD

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