Endoscopy for IBD


Stephan Vavricka, Peter Bossuyt & Bruno Rosa

Welcome to you the interactive case – Endoscopy in IBD

This course is designed for gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, pathologists and other interdisciplinary medical experts interested in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s) (IBD). One major aim of this e-learning activity is to increase competence and knowledge with regard to the management of IBD patients and to harmonise diagnostics and treatment in order to improve patient outcomes.

Duration: The estimated duration of the course is approximately 60 minutes.

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Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this activity learners will:

  • To understand the position of capsule endoscopy and small bowel cross sectional imaging in the diagnostic algorithm of patients with either suspected or established Crohn’s Disease
  • To get familiar with the standardized scoring systems to assess and quantify small bowel inflammatory activity (Lewis Score and Capsule Endoscopy Crohn’s Disease Activity Index - CECDAI)
  • To recognise the therapeutic capabilities of flexible enteroscopy in the setting of Crohn’s Disease
  • When and how to perform surveillance colonoscopy in UC in patients at different subgroups of risk
  • The potential role of new modalities
  • How to deal with dysplasia

Quiz Instructions:

Welcome to this Interactive Case on Endoscopy for IBD

  • This e-Course is based on a presentation on Endoscopy for IBD at the ECCO`13 Vienna Congress
  • The video material is concised into various parts with a series of multiple-choice or true or false questions throughout the e-Course
  • Both correct and incorrect answers will have short feedback as to why the answer was right or wrong as well as links to references, mostly found in our e-Library
  • You are allowed as many attmpts as it takes to get a correct answer before moving on to the next question
  • If you wish to skip a question and come back later, there is a quiz navigation in the upper right corrner (numbers stand for question numbers, "i" stands for information page)

Duration of the course

  • The estimated duration of the course is approximately one hour
  • Upon successful completion of the training, you will be directed to a final test

Good luck, and enjoy!


Stephan Vavricka: grant support from Vifor, Abbott, Tillots, UCB and MSD.

Bruno Rosa: consultant for Given Imaging

Futher Information:

Organisation: European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation - ECCO

Website: www.ecco-lbd.eu