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The IBD Boot Camp consists of a series of 14 podcasts that address specific key topics in the management of patients with IBD.  It is set at a more advanced level than the Blue Book course and includes many of the more specialized areas of the IBD curriculum.  However, it reaches beyond National and European Gastroenterology training requirements focusing on a detailed, evidence based descriptions of IBD management and therapeutics that are essential for physicians and other health care professionals caring for patients with IBD.  The methodology and results from pivotal clinical trials that underpin patient management are described in detail. Up to date research is discussed along with practical hints on management strategies.

The IBD Boot Camp is presented to you by Stephan Vavricka, Barry Hall, Monica Cesarini and Robin Dart

Target Audience:

Trainees in gastroenterology with a specialist interest in IBD, all clinicians and health care professionals who manage patients with IBD


14 podcasts of lectures which incorporate recent research relating to a specific topic along with its interpretation and an assessment of how this impacts on patient management.

  1. Pain and IBD
  2. Mucosal Healing in Crohn's Disease
  3. The use of Biomarkers in IBD
  4. Endoscopy and imaging in IBD
  5. The role of 5ASA in mucosal healing
  6. Medication for induction therapy in iBD
  7. Activity indices for IBD
  8. How to manage pouchitis
  9. Intestinal immunity and the epithelial barrier
  10. IBD therapy: Steroids
  11. Adalimumab
  12. Infliximab
  13. Topical therapy in IBD
  14. Certolizumab pegol

Duration: Approximately 10-15 minutes per podcast.

Learning objectives:
  • An appreciation of the recent research relating to specific IBD relevant topics (as above)
  • To interpret how this research affects clinical practice
  • To understand the gaps in our current knowledge
  • To understand the pivotal clinical trials that drive our clinical practice

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